Hunter Safety Certification

Course Material

  • All paper material will be provided for you at the time of class.
  • The Hunter Safety course will consist of workbook material, video presentations, hands on demonstrations, and required class participation.
  • Our objective is to provide the state required information and training to successfully pass the Hunter Safety exam.   The exam will be given after completing the instructional training.
  • Illinois Department of Natural Resources Hunter Certification cards will be issued upon successful completion. 
  • There will be several breaks throughout the class periods. Please dress appropriately casual.
  • Bringpen and water bottle.
  • Bring a unopened box, bag or can of cookies/Chips.
  • Cost to participate in the class is no charge. Please thank the volunteers that make this possible.

 Course Content

  • Our hunting heritage, hunting firearms, and equipment.
  • Understanding firearms; basic safety rules for hunters and shooters.
  • Proper care, cleaning, and storage of firearms and equipment.
  • Marksmanship fundamentals.
  • Responsibilities of hunters for our environment, wildlife, landowners, and others.
  • Basic wildlife identification and habits.
  • Field care of harvested game.
  • Handling outdoor emergencies.
  • Wildlife management; law enforcement and the student's role in the future of hunting.
  • How hunting accidents are caused and how they can be prevented. 
  • Mock situational training exercises.